My local supplier is not listed. Why not?

We have concentrated on oil suppliers that display their prices online. Many suppliers do not have their prices displayed online where they are publically accessible.

Feel free to use the prices here as an indicator of oil prices before phoning your local supplier.

I was given a different quote from the one displayed on your website. Is your site inaccurate?

The prices are updated very often to keep them up to date. However we would advise that users check prices for themselves also.

We only quote for kerosene. The price of gas oil will be different.

Quotes can vary by location. There may be extra charges depending on your method of payment.

Credit card charges, for example, can sometimes add 2% or flat rates of €4.95 to an order.

Note that some oil suppliers may have dual pricing for online orders and orders over the phone so you may receive a different quote if you call them.

Is it possible to advertise on the site?

We tend to focus on using Google for our advertising so to get your ad to appear on our site, please refer to Google AdWords. However we sometimes have space at the top of the county price pages so send us an email and we'll let you know if a space is available.

My query is not listed here. How can I reach you?

Use the Contact Us page or email us at info@cheapestoil.co.uk